Large portfolio
Non-sterile and sterile
Unique in ARV’s
Develops >40 new products each year
Quick market entry through ready MA’s and fast track procedures

The portfolio that we offer to our clients is diverse and covers many therapeutic areas and dosage forms. In excess of 140 products have been approved or are ready for filing. In addition, we have a pipeline of more than 100 products: development of more than 40 new products is completed each year.

Product List

All products are developed in-house by our mother company’s R&D department (Aurobindo). Clinical studies, such as bio-equivalence, are carried out in the company’s own study centre. We also carry out custom developments for some of our clients. R&D and regulatory are the cornerstones of our strengths and our regulatory dossiers comply with the latest EU and global standards.

In certain cases we can offer ready marketing authorisations to our clients, or facilitate a quick MA application process through duplicates or fast tracks based on our existing approvals.

Therapeutic areas:

  • antibiotics
  • antifungals
  • antiretrovirals
  • cardiovascular
  • gastroenterologiy
  • central nervous system
  • ophthalmics
  • urology
  • oncology
  • analgesics
  • allergy
  • peptides (early stage)

Dosage forms:

  • tablets
  • film coated tablets
  • enteric coated tablets
  • orodispersible tablets
  • modified release tablets
  • chewable tablets
  • capsules
  • capsules enclosing microgranules (modified release)
  • softgel capsules
  • injectables
  • powder for oral suspension
  • oral suspension
  • oral solution
  • syrup
  • ophthalmics